Awful thinking what I’ve done wrong
I look behind
blinding mist
blocks the sight in your search
the reason goes back and forth as by law
with a sensation of no comfort at all
total chaos between crooked reason walls
I see parts of the far gone
chosen by the most unconscious
portion of my brain in your search
I look behind
blinding mist
just paths of life in lines
straight crooked always brusque
finding never the solution
to understand where’s the confusion
I trawl all the mind entire
hope is always present
to find the gone wrong seed
of your plant dry and absent
the vacuum of thoughts follows
like wind in search of the element
in between tons of toxic waste
from feelings and ressentment
each flow of ideas melts away
there’s no straight line
as crooked it always ends
unable impossible to find
a consistent reason why
that would surround itself quilty
for this life course so blind



andromache. digital over oil on canvas. 2016

Original em Português:


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