I feel the shard in the chest
a shattered heart quite undone
reveals a wound at its best
stuck thorns cross the elected organ
may the hours pass and days
may the time redo the joy
that moves and sows the soul in raise
in the depths of this agony hole
may life maybe as a dice be trown
bringing back whoever is there
to stay and carrying along whoever has
to go and may the mind let alone
the organ heart in its place
pulsating for life and blood
rather than extinguishing its flow



no light, digital art over photo. 2016

Original em Português:

5 pensamentos sobre “Prayer

  1. Awesome! And the art… so deeply meaningful along with the poem, it feels like a sequence, the moment right before the poem moment, when a desperate lyrical I is pissed off and “breaks up with the light” ripping the picture to make up afterwards putting the pic together when the prayer is said. I love it!

  2. I also noticed something about the art that I don’t know if it was intentional, but, if you look to the supposedly first “rip” in the middle there seems to be a hesitation in the act of ripping. This Lyrical I is almost a novel multilayered character. I always seem to find something new… 😉

    • You’re right and very attentive, there was supposed to be some hesitation in that rip indeed. But I do believe that all those details even if they are not seen at once, or never, they are there and things the brain does not decode, some other portion of us does and in a deeper way we all get the same picture. The problem is when there are no elements to be decoded 😉 then, even if you can pick some racional interesting meaning, it will never give you that deeper picture that can reach that other portion of us, something that just orbitate the racional and is ineffable, that’s actually where I think art inhabit… Thank you so much for your comments, I appreciate them very much!

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