There’s a place dark and moist
Inside the inner most of my heart
An empty room with no art
Where my soul has gone lost.
It is there with your shadow
Where we stand in a narrow
Close and tight makes it bright
Deep feeling of love and light
There, a small bit of you is all mine
Yet The most important and fine
And in the silence we’re one

I’ll keep this with me
For as long as I shall be
Gives strength for the fight
To inhale this your might


soul lens

I wish I could erase my love for you forever glaze. it would somehow all of us amaze since I couldn’t even change the pace of my thoughts for you always on a chase. let’s restart and rephrase… what if I could somehow replace the hole you fill in my inner space. sometimes I look around and see you face to face, like that once I had your eyes on mine for a very short glance. how can I stop your entrance in the very soul of mine always in this wretched sufferance. how much more time will I have to be in this trance… what was there in that long embrace… the entire universe and all it’s reference!



Olhos nos olhos não vejo
sinto é na vista cansada
o gosto de longe do beijo
na alma em parte amarrada
atada pra fora do peito

Olhos nos olhos não vejo
sinto é no peso do dia
o gosto ausente do beijo
na alma em parte já fria
pendida pra fora do peito



Eye to eye peep we won’t cast
In my eyestrain I savour
your faraway kiss flavour
in this yet partly fasten soul
hanging outside the breast

Eye to eye peep we won’t cast
In the day burden I savour
your absent kiss flavour
in this yet partly cold soul
pending outside the chest]


Awful thinking what I’ve done wrong
I look behind
blinding mist
blocks the sight in your search
the reason goes back and forth as by law
with a sensation of no comfort at all
total chaos between crooked reason walls
I see parts of the far gone
chosen by the most unconscious
portion of my brain in your search
I look behind
blinding mist
just paths of life in lines
straight crooked always brusque
finding never the solution
to understand where’s the confusion
I trawl all the mind entire
hope is always present
to find the gone wrong seed
of your plant dry and absent
the vacuum of thoughts follows
like wind in search of the element
in between tons of toxic waste
from feelings and ressentment
each flow of ideas melts away
there’s no straight line
as crooked it always ends
unable impossible to find
a consistent reason why
that would surround itself quilty
for this life course so blind



andromache. digital over oil on canvas. 2016

Original em Português:



I feel the shard in the chest
a shattered heart quite undone
reveals a wound at its best
stuck thorns cross the elected organ
may the hours pass and days
may the time redo the joy
that moves and sows the soul in raise
in the depths of this agony hole
may life maybe as a dice be trown
bringing back whoever is there
to stay and carrying along whoever has
to go and may the mind let alone
the organ heart in its place
pulsating for life and blood
rather than extinguishing its flow



no light, digital art over photo. 2016

Original em Português:



I want the siege of your sea
to close upon me and this blue
to flood my life with yours
remake myself fully in joy
I want the siege of your air
to close upon me and all that blue
to touch my soul’ skin so fair
with this fresh coolness so true
I want the siege of your fire
to burn upon me and your blue
to flame the gray paint entire
from these sightless eyes of fool
that could not see any higher
blind completely before you




onda, oil on canvas. 2007

Original em Português:



I love you the shade, the ache
the absent smell in the crowd
from the silence I hear your hollow shout
resounding in your pounding heart

We are one when I hear you
I almost wear a morning dress
for being not sure if there I am or
if I’m just a fruit of your distress



two, acrylic on card. 08.12.2015


The cool pale complexion can no longer bear
these flying hours that find no way through despair
for the being that at it’s most chaste limit
feels the mind oozing from seed to budding plant
through her infertile womb of love deprived sand
like persistent seedling grows in these mud
soaked in tenderness and omnipresent love
and the permanent cry streams in a flow
the more you reveal yourself the higher I go
the wanting grows and from seedling savage beast
condemned to run till rupestrian exasperation
aloof and indomitable snatching the vastness of this
succumbed to the heart poor mind in devastation




sucumbência, acrylic and ink on paper over wood. 2014

Original em Português:



I miss you everyday and hour
through the path I go without
your light or a single flower
although my broken highest desire
there is not a trace of sadness
for I know you’re there somewhere
with your smile and tenderness
and there is a spot where my soul
can reach yours in your wholeness



wholeness, acrylic on paper. 22.11.2015


Sweet angel of peace
from far away you are
and far away you’ve been
the space doesn’t seem
to change a thing it only
makes the truth increase
the time doesn’t seem
to bother either since
I know the more it goes
stronger grows the seed
that floods our hearts
within from the very deep
Sweet angel of light
far but always by my side
everywhere I go I just
strongly feel you deep inside
no matter how I try
to talk you out of my mind
for ages I’ve tried to hide
this finest shade of light
that just despite overflows
so bright to the outside