The cool pale complexion can no longer bear
these flying hours that find no way through despair
for the being that at it’s most chaste limit
feels the mind oozing from seed to budding plant
through her infertile womb of love deprived sand
like persistent seedling grows in these mud
soaked in tenderness and omnipresent love
and the permanent cry streams in a flow
the more you reveal yourself the higher I go
the wanting grows and from seedling savage beast
condemned to run till rupestrian exasperation
aloof and indomitable snatching the vastness of this
succumbed to the heart poor mind in devastation




sucumbência, acrylic and ink on paper over wood. 2014

Original em Português:


I miss you everyday and hour
through the path I go without
your light or a single flower
although my broken highest desire
there is not a trace of sadness
for I know you’re there somewhere
with your smile and tenderness
and there is a spot where my soul
can reach yours in your wholeness



wholeness, acrylic on paper. 22.11.2015


Mover-se ao vento e como
maior arma o pensamento
do estreito do ser que
refugia fundo no alento
espremido nas trincheiras
do próprio tormento
há de mover-se ao vento
dessa vida que acontece
no concreto do por dentro
onde o castelo que constrói
não é de areia é de cimento



cimo 3, oil on canvas