I sat and the darkness surrounded me. gradually, it came taking over my feet, crawling up my legs. the pitch was so intense that it was sprawling itself in absence. shortly there was no foot, and through my leg it passed depriving it of life. two they were so the pitch ran then twice. the hands so weak didn’t even rouse reluctance: they let it pass. so through the arms it began to spread itself steadily. soon there were no more limbs. up through the eyes it came, depriving them of sight. it came freezing then the brain already almost clueless. but what to do without the thought? well I know: there still remains the heart. it was then that suddenly I got why the dark had found me there, not without a reason fair: it knew I was easy prey because you left my chest hollow and completly out of pace.


self-portrait in the dark over stories. photography over drawing on paper. 2015


original em Português:


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